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Grumpy Cat Crosses Over


#10 The Grump Who Stole Christmas


Quite frankly, this is the role Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat was born to play. She gets to be grumpy AND she gets to ruin Christmas for millions of children. If anything could put a smile on Tard’s face, it would be starring in this feature film.

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i wasnt going to reblog but then

The ass tho

That’s.. actually incredible. Not the ass, I mean that’s good yes but, fuck yeah Hawkeye Initiative!

I’m just impressed someone can contort themselves into the stupid poses they put women in on the covers of comic books.

…. has eschergirls seen this????

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My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day


My heroes.

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So. Alright.

For those of you that are long time followers of my blog, you know that I’m a singer. I sing, act, do musicals, am in choirs, and everything else of that nature.

I always said that I’d do a cover for Tumblr or sing something for Tumblr. But to be honest, I lack a lot of self confidence when it comes to that. I don’t sing alone. I find myself to be very lacking in the confidence department. And those months of practice during musicals are how I build up to having confidence. Auditions are so hard for me, its really not even funny.

But here it is. I finally settled on this one song.

Song: Hang
Artist: Matchbox 20

Notes about this cover:

  • I’m still recovering from the ADTR House Party Tour concert I went to two weeks ago so a small portion of my voice is still missing.
  • I did this at 4 AM with no warm ups and no practice runs before this. I’ve hardly actually practiced this besides mindless singing of it.
  • I mixed this with the actual song in Virtual DJ because I really don’t know how to work Audacity so that its instrumentals only (and I know that it doesn’t fully do it right either), so if it sounds very wonky and the instrumentals aren’t like the actual song…that’s why.
  • Yes, you can hear the vocals of the actual song behind me. I lack the confidence to sing by myself so just deal with it.

It took me a lot of confidence to do this. If you don’t enjoy it, do enjoy it, whatever. I don’t really care. You can call me the worst sounding piece of shit ever, I’ve heard it before. I’ve been through it face to face.

But I did this for me and I hope you enjoy


Zan please sing more stuff. Please. You have an amazing voice. No that is not a lie. Also start making mixes again someday >.< But in all seriousness your voice is amazing. And I’ve had this thought in my head for a while now. Me, You and Amber should do a trio thing. Since we all have choir experience.  o:

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gah been super busy!

I’ve been up to my ears in WoW stuff lately and Hearthstone Beta. (totes fun!) and I just started school last week with that being said I totally forgot I even had a tumblr! I’m so silly! I will be posting some screenshots of my WoW adventures soon! (: Went Horde almost completely about 4 mounts ago now and damn it’s been good. (: met lots of new people ^-^ some very friendly some I knew for a long time back when we were ally. haha. good times.I love them all. so glad we left our dead ass server for a better one! (:

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